Pivotal GemFire® Native Client v9.0

Configuring the Native Client and Cache Server

You can configure clients through files and API calls. The servers are configured through command-line input and configuration files.

  • Native Client Configuration

    You configure the native client in two files: for native client system-level configuration and cache.xml for cache-level configuration.

  • Cache Server Configuration

    You configure the cache server in two files: for server system-level configuration and cache.xml for cache-level configuration.

  • Attribute Definition Priority

    You can specify attributes in different ways, which can cause conflicting definitions. Applications can be configured programmatically, and that has priority over other settings.

  • Search Path for Multiple Files

    The native client and cache server processes first look for their properties file in the product-dir/defaultSystem directory, then in the working directory.

  • Overriding Settings

    Application developers have the option of configuring system attributes programmatically, rather than using the file.

  • Defining Properties Programmatically

    You can pass in specific gfcpp properties programmatically by using a Properties object to define the non-default properties.