Pivotal GemFire® Native Client v9.0

Pivotal GemFire Native Client 9.0 Release Notes

What’s New in Pivotal GemFire Native Client 9.0

The Pivotal GemFire Native Client 9.0 includes these new features and changes:

  • A simplified DLL loading leads to fewer run time errors, because there is only a single .NET assembly to load. This is particularly beneficial for .NET web applications that run under IIS.

  • GEM-145: Adds support for two-phase commit transactions.

  • Native Client version 9.0 works with Pivotal GemFire versions 8.2.1 and later.

  • Release 9.0.5: Enables SSL/TLS cipher support for compatibility with the latest version of the OpenSSL DEFAULT cipher list.

Installing the GemFire Native Client 9.0

Download the Pivotal GemFire Native Client 9.0 from the Pivotal GemFire product download page.

There is a ZIP format for Linux and Solaris platforms, and there is an MSI format for Windows platforms.

See Installing the Native Client for installation instructions.

Issues Resolved in Pivotal GemFire Native Client

The following issues, listed by their release numbers, have been resolved in version 9.0 of the Pivotal GemFire Native Client.


  • GEMNC-374: Stability improvements when crossing app domain boundary and using authentication module.


  • GEMNC-359: Improved authorization across the app domain boundary.

  • GEMNC-365: Fixed an unexpected CacheableString exception.


  • Release 9.0.5 introduced a new feature (see above). No new issue resolutions to report.


  • GEMNC-322: Better handling of OQL queries across AppDomains in IIS eliminates an inappropriately thrown exception.


  • GEMNC-281: Fixed a buffer overflow bug that occurred during serialization.


  • GEMNC-12: The OpenSSL version is upgraded to 1.0.1t.

  • GEMNC-14: The libxml2 version is upgraded to 2.9.4.

  • GEMNC-26: The error message versionTags is NULL and of zero size will no longer be generated if version tags are not specified in the header.

  • GEMNC-90: C++ signal handling is now done by the operating system, instead of going through a custom core dump handler. As a result, signal handling is more accurate.

  • GEMNC-108: Fixed a bug that could have resulted in a corrupted function’s result collector. The bug was caused by error handling code operating outside of the guarded scope intended to modify the result collector.

  • GEMNC-117: Memory usage is improved for getASCIIString when calculating the encoded length.


  • GEM-898: The removeAll operation now correctly assigns sequence numbers based on the number of items removed.


  • GEM-45: Added UpdateLocatorListInterval attribute at pool to control the frequency of updating locator list.
  • GEM-191: Moved inline function definitions to later in the source for compilation correctness.
  • GEM-228: Properly close connections after an exception occurs.
  • GEM-336: Fixed an access violation in HostStatHelperWin when ProcessObj was NULL.
  • GEM-533: Updated the SSL module to support OpenSSL 1.0.1s.
  • GEM-545: Corrected a bug in the deserialization of nested PDX objects.
  • GEM-546: Fixed a memory leak in the continuous query API for .NET clients.