Pivotal GemFire® Native Client v9.0

Uninstalling the Native Client

Uninstalling the native client varies based on operating system.

Uninstall on Linux and Solaris

To uninstall on Linux and Solaris platforms, delete the product directory and all of its subdirectories.

Uninstall on Windows

To uninstall on Windows platforms, use the MSI installer graphical interface, its command-line interface, or the Windows Control Panel.

Uninstall from MSI Installer Graphical Interface

  1. Double-click the MSI file, then click Next in the Setup Wizard screen.
  2. In the following screen, click the Remove button.
  3. In the next screen, click the Remove button and then click Finish.

Uninstall from MSI Installer Command-Line

Follow this MSI command-line syntax for a quiet uninstall:

msiexec /q /x pivotal-gemfire-nativeclient-64bit-XXX.msi ^

MSI Command-Line Options lists common msiexec command-line options, along with an explanation of their usage. msiexec/? lists all command-line options. The /x option uninstalls the product.

Uninstall from the Control Panel

  1. From the Control Panel, open Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Select the appropriate native client installation.
  3. Click the Remove button.