Pivotal GemFire® Native Client v9.0

Function Execution

Function Execution describes how you can execute application functions to achieve linear scalability. It explains how function execution works and lists specific use cases.

Note: Function execution can be used only along with the pool functionality. For more information about the pool API, see Using Connection Pools. Only C++ versions of Function Execution API interfaces, classes, and methods (like FunctionService::onRegion) are shown in text. The code examples show C++ and C#.

  • Understanding Data-Aware Function Routing

    Achieving linear scalability is predicated upon being able to horizontally partition the application data such that concurrent operations by distributed applications can be done independently across partitions.

  • How Functions Execute

    This section discusses the basic function execution process, how highly available functions execute after a failure, and the execution scenarios for data-dependent and data-independent functions.

  • Executing Functions

    Using the Geode function execution service, you can execute application functions on a single server member, in parallel on a subset of server members, or in parallel on all server members of a distributed system.