Pivotal GemFire® Native Client v9.0

Executing Functions

Using the Geode function execution service, you can execute application functions on a single server member, in parallel on a subset of server members, or in parallel on all server members of a distributed system.

In these procedures, it is assumed that you have defined your client and server regions, and that you have coded and configured your servers to run your functions. In Function Execution, see the function execution information for the server side.

  • Running the Function

    In this section you create an Execution object and use its methods to define and run the function. To run a function with high availability, you call getResult from the results collector returned from the execute method.

  • Programming to Get Function Results

    Geode provides a default result collector. If you need special results handling, code a custom ResultsCollector implementation to replace the provided default. Use the Execution::withCollector method to define your custom collector.

  • Solutions and Use Cases

    The function execution service provides solutions for various application use cases.