Pivotal GemFire® Native Client v9.0

Serializing Data with PDX Serialization

PDX is a cross-language data format that can reduce the cost of distributing and serializing your objects. PDX stores data in named fields that you can access individually to avoid the cost of deserializing the entire data object. When you use PDX serialization with the native client C++ API, you can register a PdxSerializer for the entire cache, implement PDX serialization for each domain object or use automatic PDX serialization by running the pdxautoserializer tool.

You can also set the object preference of the cache to the PdxInstance type, which allows you to access fields of a PDX object without deserializing the entire object.

When using the native client C++ API, you can opt to use PDX autoserialization. The Geode native client provides a command line tool called pdxautoserializer that will automatically generate C++ code to PDX serialize the class you want to serialize.