Pivotal GemFire® Native Client v9.0


The cache is the entry point to native client data caching in Geode. Through the cache, native clients gain access to the Geode caching framework for data loading, distribution, and maintenance.

  • About the Native Client Cache

    The cache consists of data regions, each of which can contain any number of entries. Region entries hold the cached data. Every entry has a key that uniquely identifies it within the region and a value where the data object is stored.

  • Cache APIs

    The native client has two cache APIs, RegionService and Cache.

  • Local, Remote, and Distributed Caches

    The distributed system defines how native client and cache server processes find each other.

  • Creating and Accessing a Cache

    When you create a native client cache, you are creating a native client cache instance. You must provide some basic configuration information such as a connection name and cache initialization parameters for the native client’s cache instance.

  • Closing the Cache

    Use the Cache::close function to release system resources when you finish using the cache.